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What if our crisis could become a catalyst for flourishing with wholeness and enriched faith without ignoring our deep human need for lament and grief?

What if we disarm our knee jerk reaction to flee from or conquer our grief, and instead lean in to the process of spiritual formation that grief can lead us to?

What if we grant ourselves permission to name our grief and suffering, give it air to breathe, find God's presence in our pain, and entertain the possibility that hope can help us heal?


Join psychologists, therapists, theologians, authors, ministers, researchers, thought leaders, survivors, patient advocates, caregivers, educators, and practitioners to explore areas of grief, Christian spirituality, and what it means to be tethered to hope that remains. Together we will examine the universal nature of grief, how it impacts our lives in body, soul, spirit, relationships, and community, and the invitation to be formed by Christ in the midst of difficulty.

"Grief invites us to a liminal space—a place to hold on to the comfort and presence of God while suspended between who you are and who you're becoming. Liminal spaces feel disorienting because they are. They demand our attention, not just as a means to an end but as a place of transformation." —Adriel Booker, Host of Tethered & Author of Grace Like Scarlett


Grief is a process, not a project.

Tethered will not explain away your grief or help you to “get over" it—quite the opposite. Tethered will help you open your heart to grief, listen to what it’s trying to teach you, and support you as you connect with the presence and promise of God while still in the midst of your journey to healing.

God cares about you as a whole person. We do too. This is about being undone and remade while staying tethered to hope.


Join us if you're feeling untethered by one of these:


You are experiencing what might be considered a"common" type of grief: perhaps the loss of a job, breakdown of a precious relationship, death of a loved one, or the end of a marriage.


You are experiencing a loss that doesn't involve death: this could be grappling with a diagnosis, caring for a parent with dementia, navigating infertility, living with financial insecurity, reckoning with the impact of substance abuse, living with a chronic illness, missing an estranged loved one, or even collapsed expectations and the uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic.


You are experiencing a loss that is socially neglected or stigmatized: this could be the death of a loved one by suicide or overdose, miscarriage and stillbirth, the remarriage or death of an ex-spouse, a pregnancy termination, loss of your support system due to a move, or family separation due to foster care.


You are experiencing anticipatory grief: perhaps you're coming to terms with the implications of a fatal diagnosis, caring for an aging family member with declining health, preparing to send a child off to college, a sense of worst-case-scenario when you think of the pandemic, or trying to stay hopeful during a pregnancy after loss.


You are experiencing grief stemming from—or intensified by—a crisis of faith, a fracture in your belief system, debilitating doubt, disillusionment with your experience at church or with Christian community, or betrayal by a spiritual figure you once trusted.

Grief can undo you.
Let it also remake you.



Humanity—The Gift that Keeps us Tethered to Christ
Adriel Booker

Disarming Our Knee-Jerk Reaction to Grief
Dr. Mekel Harris


Lament as an Offering
Lori Harris

Practicing Courage as a Virtue in Suffering
KJ Ramsey

Managing Expectations in Grief, Loss, and Disappointment
Nicole Zasowski

Understanding Racial Trauma, Healing, and Resilience
Sheila Wise Rowe

Humor when Life isn't Funny
Niki Hardy

Man Enough to be Honest about Suffering
Nate Pyle

Practices to Sustain through the Hardest Times
Caro Meers

Making Art in the Dark: Faith and Creativity in Times of Lament
Nathan Edgell


Surrender and Triumph in the Desert
Nancie Carmichael

Discovering Abundance in Lack
Meredith McDaniel

Learning to Walk in the Dark
Steve Mickel

Surrender as an Invitation
Vivian Mabuni

Waking Up from Addiction and Misplaced Adoration
Seth Haines

Growing Slow and Hope for the Waiting
Jennifer Dukes Lee

Reconstructing Faith and Finding a Spiritual Home
Meg Tietz


The Alchemy of Embodied Grief
Erika Morrison

Bipolar Faith and Navigating Mental Illness with Hope
Dr. Monica Coleman

The Healing Power of Touch
Lore Ferguson Wilbert

Sweating through Grief and Loss
Dorina Lazo Gilmore Young

The Ministry of Embodiment
Shannan Martin

Beauty, Redefined
Mia Kareen

The Rebirth of Hope after Trauma
Michaela Evanow


Permission to Grieve Differently to One Another
Jill Dzadey

Loneliness, Isolation, and Friendship after Loss
Jessica Herberger

Loving Your Spouse through a Season of Sorrow
Lisa Jacobson

The Myth of Comparative Suffering
Richella Parham

Nurturing Your Children through Grief and Crisis
Lisa Appelo

Learning to Love through Grief and Loss—A Couple's Conversation
Ryan Booker (with host Adriel Booker)


Seeking Shalom
Osheta Moore

The Gift of Communal Lament
Clint Watkins

Caring for the Carers
Tanya Flores

Becoming an Alongsider: The Art of Neighboring
Greg Russinger

Healing Around the Table
Devi Abraham

Story as a Currency of Grace
Linda Pesavento

Ubuntu: The Connectedness of Our Wellbeing
Becca De Souza


When Holidays Hurt
Bo Stern-Brady

Loss, Longing, and Light for Advent
Tsh Oxenreider

Hope in the Wake of a Loved One's Addiction
Deborah Beddoe

The Art of Dying
Clarissa Moll


Disarming Our Knee-Jerk Reaction to Grief and Loss 
Dr. Mekel Harris 

Companions in the Darkness of Doubt & Depression
Diana Gruver

I Love Jesus But I Want to Die
Sarah Robinson

Navigating Faith & Culture as an 'Orphaned' Believer
Sara Billups

Befriending Grief
Ronne Rock

The Way of the Wilderness
Marlena Graves 

Engaging in Prayer when Words Fail


While Tethered is an online gathering, event organisers are based in Sydney, Australia. With gratitude and respect we acknowledge the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation, and we honour Elders past, present, and emerging as we collectively find our place within God's great story of humanity on our shores and to the ends of the earth.


Author, Speaker, Advocate

Adriel Booker is an author, speaker, and advocate based in Gadigal Land (Sydney, Australia) who believes storytelling, beauty, and the grace of God will change the world. She’s become a trusted voice in areas of Christian spirituality, leadership, motherhood and parenting, grief care, and global women’s issues. Adriel is the founder of Our Scarlett Stories pregnancy loss community and Deep Dive peer support groups. She's also the creator of Tethered (summit and community)—a gathering to explore grief and loss, faith and doubt, wholeness and hope. Adriel is the author of Grace Like Scarlett and Tethered to Hope (2024 release). 

Connect with Adriel across all social media platforms at @adrielbookerher free Substack newsletter, The Foundry, or her website: www.adrielbooker.com

The Foundry is a workshop—a place to pour out and be in process of making something good, beautiful, or true. Together we explore themes of faith, doubt, hope, loss, relationships, identity, and what it means to be found and loved. Sign up for free here.

Are there hidden costs or sneaky up-sells?

Nope. No hidden costs. Membership in the Tethered community is free and the All Access Pass is a one-time fixed price to unlock all of the video content and premium features.

Can I watch the replays?

All Access Pass holders can re-watch the sessions as many times as you'd like.

Will the videos have subtitles?

Please reach out to us if accessibility is an issue so we can serve you in this. 

Is this a Christian event?

Yes, this is a faith-based community and resources. Our guests speakers come from from a wide variety of Christian faith traditions. We've purposely made this gathering ecumenical in nature by inviting a variety of folks to contribute. Please note: While this is a faith-based event, we hope anyone with spiritual curiosity will feel welcome here as we explore how grief and loss intersect with doubt and faith. Ultimately, this is about finding wholeness and hope. Please come as you are—may you feel welcome among us.

Grieving is hard. 
Grieving alone is harder.

Join us.


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